Nicolle Leary

Nicolle Leary is a PhD candidate and academic tutor in the Department of Ancient History, Macquarie University. She studied Egyptology and Ancient History at Macquarie University (2010-2012), and competed a Masters of Research with honours (2013-2014) before enrolling in a doctoral program in 2015. Nikki’s doctoral research is based on the canon of proportion and animal figures in Egyptian art from the Old and Middle Kingdoms. At Macquarie University, Nikki is involved in teaching Egyptology with a focus on Egyptian culture, society and art.

Nicolle’s research interests centre around visual culture in the mortuary context, particularly during the Old to Middle Kingdom (Dynasties 3-13, c. 2686 – 1650 BCE). Nikki’s study includes:

  1. The principles of Egyptian art and the function, iconological and iconographical significance of visual culture in the mortuary context.
  2. Practices employed by artisans as a means of understanding how and why images were conceived within the bounds of visual decorum and artistic tradition.
  3. The representation of animals in two-dimensional wall scenes. Visual culture as a vehicle for and reflection of cultural memory and identity in Egyptian society.

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