Professor Naguib Kanawati

Naguib Kanawati, Professor of Egytpology in the Department of Ancient History and Director of the Ancient Cultures Research Centre, is an Egyptologist with a special interest in the Old Kingdom. He graduated BA in History and Archaeology and MA in Egyptology at the University of Alexandria, Egypt, and obtained his PhD in Egyptology from Macquarie University.

After six years of teaching Near-Eastern History at the University of Auckland, New Zealand, Naguib came to Macquarie University in 1980 as Lecturer in Egyptology and in 1990 was appointed to a Personal Chair in Egyptology. In 1981 he established the Rundle Foundation for Egyptian Archaeology (now with 600 members) and in 1989 he established the Australian Centre for Egyptology and remains its Director. In 1997 Naguib was elected Fellow of the Australian Academy of the Humanities and in 2003 he received the Centenary Medal "for services to the Australian society and the humanities in the study of archaeology".

In 2010 he was appointed as Distinguished Professor of Egyptology at Macquarie University and in 2015 he was elected Fellow of the Royal Academy of New South Wales.

Naguib's research interest is in all aspects of Egyptian history, archaeology, art, architecture, language and the administrative system during the Old and Middle Kingdoms.

For a complete list of publications visit Naguib Kanawati's profile on the Macquarie University Research Portal