Carly Blair

Carly “Kefie” Blair is an undergraduate student at Macquarie University who is currently in her final year completing a Bachelor of Ancient History. Her place on the Beni Hassan Project is within a team dedicated to the collection and analysis of information relating to wall paintings, architectural features and autobiographical inscriptions from tombs in Beni Hassan, Egypt. During her time on the project, Kefie has organised and edited visual data from the tomb including photographs, architectural plans, and hand drawn line art of Khnumhotep II’s wall paintings. Additionally, she has worked to superimpose the photographs and line art of Khnumhotep II’s wall paintings in order to make smaller and damaged details more visible. Outside of the Beni Hassan Project, Kefie has excavated in Israel (Tel Azekah) and Greece (Kythera), studied advanced archaeological illustration, served as a committee member for the National Archaeological Student Conference and studied archaeology on exchange at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.