Exhibition: Animals in Ancient Cultures

Macquarie University Museum of Ancient Cultures

25 May - 24 August 2018

Gallery Space, Museum of Ancient Cultures

Curated by Rebecca Kuper and Isaac Roberts with Dr Linda Evans, Dr Louise Pryke and Lydia Bashford.

The exhibition Animals in Ancient Cultures is a student-led project in conjunction with Macquarie University’s Professional and Community Engagement Program (PACE). The exhibition explores animals’ key roles in the domestic, decorative, and divine spheres of the ancient world through the collections of the Museum of Ancient Cultures and the Australian History Museum at Macquarie University.

The Animals in Ancient Cultures exhibition will showcase the crucial role that animals played in the lives of past societies. A range of animal-themed artefacts, such as coins, lamps, amulets, figurines, decorated vases, and Egyptian tomb paintings derived from the ancient Mediterranean region and Near East as well as indigenous Australia, will show how our relationship with animals has enabled human cultures to survive, thrive, and develop – providing us with everything from food and transport to artistic and religious inspiration. Lovers of archaeology or animals – or both - will find plenty in the exhibition to fascinate and intrigue!

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