Scroll recording the arrival of a group of foreigners, a detail from the tomb of Khnumhotep II at Beni Hassan

Egypt, Beni Hassan, Khnumhotep II (Tomb 3), Upper Cemetery, Chapel, North wall.
An Egyptian official described as identified as sš Ꜥ(w) nswt Nfr-ḥtp 'the scribe of the royal documents, Noferhotep' bows and presents an unrolled papyrus to the tomb owner, which announces the arrival of a group of Asiatics. This detail occurs in the larger scene of the Asiatic procession on the chapel's north wall General view of the north wall. The scroll reads rnpt-sp 6 ḫr ḥm n Ḥr sšm tꜢwj nswt-bjtj ḪꜤ-ḫpr-RꜤ rḫt n ꜤꜢmw jn.n sꜢ ḥꜢtj-Ꜥ H̱nmw-ḥtp(.w) ḥr msdmt m ꜤꜢmw n Šw rḫt jr 37 'regnal year 6 under the Majesty of Horus, Leader of the Two Lands, King of Upper and Lower Egypt, Khakheperre (Senwosret II); the number of Asiatics whom the son of the count, Khnumhotep, brought on account of the black eye-paint, namely Asiatics of Shu, number amounting to 37'. A detail of Neferhotep holding the scroll can be seen here: A procession of foreigners.
Middle Kingdom, Dynasty 12, Reign of Amenemhat II (c. 1918-1884 BCE).
Egypt, Beni Hassan, Upper Cemetery, Khnumhotep II (Tomb 3), Chapel, North wall, Centre section, Wall, 3.
Tracing paper.
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Kanawati & Evans, BH1, Pl. 42b.:Beni Hassan:Upper Cemetery:12th Dynasty:Khnumhotep II (Tomb 3) II:Chapel:Scene:North wall:Centre section:Wall:Reception of foreign delegation:Group of Asiatics :
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Compiled by Shannon Collis and Penelope Blake and the Beni Hassan Research Group with resources from the Macquarie University Ancient Cultures Research Centre, and the Australian Centre for Egyptology.
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N. Kanawati & L. Evans, Beni Hassan: Volume I: The Tomb of Khnumhotep II (Australian Centre for Egyptology: Reports 36, Aris and Phillips, Oxford, 2014, ISBN: 978-0-85668-846-1), 130c (lineart).
Recorded and published with permission from the Egyptian Ministry of Antiquities. Photographs by Effy Alexakis as part of research on site. Copyright Macquarie University 2018. All rights reserved.
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