False door, a feature from the tomb of Khnumhotep II at Beni Hassan

Egypt, Beni Hassan, Khnumhotep II (Tomb 3), , Chapel, South wall.
A small false door is placed amongst the vertical biographical inscriptions on the south wall’s dado (the lower part of the wall) (Auto)biography of Khnumhotep II on the south wall, lines 157-164, from the tomb of Khnumhotep II at Beni Hassan. It has torus moulding and a cavetto cornice. It is decorated in shallow bas-relief and paint, but has no inscriptions. A panel occupying the upper half and full width of the door is decorated with a seated figure of the tomb owner. He sits upon an ebony chair with lions’ legs. He wears a shoulder-length wig, collar and short kilt with an apron. He holds a flail in one hand and places the other on his lap. An offering table laden with ten half-loaves of bread is in front of him. Different items of food and drink are placed above and beneath the table. The lower half of the door is decorated with two vertical panels on either side of eight horizontal panels.
Middle Kingdom, Dynasty 12, Reign of Amenemhat II (c. 1918-1884 BCE).
Egypt, Beni Hassan, Khnumhotep II (Tomb 3), Chapel, South wall, Lower section, False door with cavetto cornice.
Polychrome Painting on Limestone.
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N. Kanawati & L. Evans, Beni Hassan: Volume I: The Tomb of Khnumhotep II (Australian Centre for Egyptology: Reports 36, Aris and Phillips, Oxford, 2014, ISBN: 978-0-85668-846-1), pls. 11b (photograph),
Recorded and published with permission from the Egyptian Ministry of Antiquities. Photographs by Effy Alexakis as part of research on site. Copyright Macquarie University 2018. All rights reserved.
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