(Auto)biography, lines 188-198, inscription from the tomb of Khnumhotep II at Beni Hassan

Egypt, Beni Hassan, Khnumhotep II (Tomb 3), Upper Cemetery, Chapel, South wall.

The (auto)biography of Khnumhotep II is incised on sunk relief below the coloured dado on the lower part of all four walls of the chapel. The (auto)biography begins on the east wall, north of the shrine and runs anti-clockwise, ending on the east wall, south of the shrine. On the south wall between lines 160 and 161 is a small false door carved in bas-relief False door with torus moulding and cavetto cornice. The inscription reads:

(184-192) ḥḳꜢ.n.f njwt.f m sḏtj n fḫt.f m ṯꜢm jr.n.f wpwt nswt šwtj.f jbꜢ.sn m ḫnw n ḳꜢbt.f m rḫ nswt st-ns.f nḫn ḳmꜢ.f Sbk-Ꜥnḫ sꜢ Nḥrj mꜢꜤ-ḫrw nb jmꜢḫ ṯn.n.f ḫnt sꜤḥw.f r ḥḳꜢ njwt.f 'He ruled his city as a child who has not lost the foreskin (=circumcised). He performed the king's commissions (while) his two plumes danced as a child at his breast, as one the king knew his eloquence while his appearance was youthful, Sobekankh's son, Nehri, the justified, the possessor of veneration, whom he (the king) distinguished ahead of his nobles, to rule his city'.

(192-200) ḫprt ḥꜢtj-Ꜥ H̱nmw-ḥtp(.w) jr.n.j mnw šps m-ẖnw n njwt.j ḳd.n.j wḫꜢ gm.n.j m ꜢꜢ sꜤḥ.n.j sw m wḫꜢw n-mꜢt sš(.w) m rn.j ḏs.j sꜤnḫ.n.j rn n jt.j ḥr.sn sš.n.j jrt.j ḥr mnw nb 'What the count Khnumhotep achieved: I made a noble monument within my city. I built a columned hall which I found ruined. I erected it with columns anew, inscribed with my own name. I kept alive the name of my father upon them. I have inscribed what I did upon every monument'.

Middle Kingdom, Dynasty 12, Reign of Amenemhat II (c. 1918-1884 BCE).
Egypt, Beni Hassan, Upper Cemetery, Khnumhotep II (Tomb 3), Chapel, South wall, Lower section, Wall.
Relief or Polychrome Paint.
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Chapel, Autobiography
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Compiled by Madeline Jenkins and the Beni Hassan Research Group with resources from the Macquarie University Ancient Cultures Research Centre, and the Australian Centre for Egyptology.
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Supported by the Australian Research Council Discovery Project scheme: DP160102223 "Measuring meaning in Egyptian art: A new approach to an intractable problem" held by N. Kanawati (MQ), L. Evans (MQ), A. Woods (MQ) and J. Kamrin (Met), the Macquarie University Department of Ancient History, and the Macquarie University Faculty of Arts.
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N. Kanawati & L. Evans, Beni Hassan: Volume I: The Tomb of Khnumhotep II (Australian Centre for Egyptology: Reports 36, Aris and Phillips, Oxford, 2014, ISBN: 978-0-85668-846-1), pls. 13a (photograph),
Recorded and published with permission from the Egyptian Ministry of Antiquities. Photographs by Effy Alexakis as part of research on site. Copyright Macquarie University 2018. All rights reserved.
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