This website provides a visual dictionary for the inscribed tombs in the upper cemetery at Beni Hassan, a burial site in Middle Egypt and draws on published material collected by Professor Naguib Kanawati and the Macquarie University expedition (2009-present) with permission from the Supreme Council of Antiquities in Egypt. The Beni Hassan Visual Dictionary contains accessible descriptions of the various themes, scenes, details and architectural features, transliteration, and translation of the hieroglyphic inscriptions, in addition to high resolution zoomable photographs.

The Beni Hassan @ Macquarie research project draws on the assets collected as part of an Australian Research Council Discovery Project grant 'Measuring Meaning in Egyptian Art: A new approach to an intractable problem' in collaboration with Professor Naguib Kanawati, Dr Linda Evans, Dr Alexandra Woods (all Macquarie University) and Dr Janice Kamrin (Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York). The project team is comprised of academic staff and a student centred research group, the Beni Hassan Research Group, which aims to develop employability skills in Ancient History students and enable active, authentic and collaborative engagement with research undertaken at Macquarie University.